ASSESSMENTSThe first step to joining Kip McGrath for extra lessons is an assessment of your child’s current skill level, and a conversation defining your expectations, to enable us to tailor a specific program for them.Assessments are done on select weekday afternoons and take approximately 1 hour in total. This includes the assessment itself and a feedback session with the Parent.

It is essential that the parent(s) are available for feedback at the end of the assessment session.Should we identify that your child is in fact in need of extra lessons, we will assist you in defining realistic expectations and time-frames to ensure steady and incremental improvement in the chosen subject. We will also guide you through the enrollment process.

We are not a “homework centre” or a “quick fix exam cramming centre”, nor are we a replacement for your child’s school teachers (who we often work with in developing their specific extra lesson programme). We provide Extra Lessons focused on repairing, re-building and enriching your child’s subject knowledge.


In addition to assessing individual children at our Kip McGrath centres, we provide an intervention assessment service for “at risk” learners to assist neighbouring schools.

The school identifies a number of “at risk” learners in each grade and our team of tutors goes to the school for a day (or two in some instances) and conducts an independent assessment on these childrens’ Math and English abilities.

Our results and recommendations are then reported to the school providing them with valuable insight into the learning requirements of their “at-risk” learners. In some instances, for example where the gaps in knowledge are too great for the school to catch-up in a reasonable time, extra lessons are recommended at our centres.
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