Our courses

What we learn at school lays our knowledge foundation for life. Our programs cover everything from Math, English and Afrikaans tutoring to extension programs such as essay writing and study skills. These help build a strong academic base that will carry students through their school years and beyond.

Whether your child is struggling with Math because they have been left behind and have gaps in their knowledge, or you simply want your child to remain ahead of the curve, your child will be placed on an individualised programme that combines computer and written work to suit their academic needs and help them attain their goals.

English Programme:
From pre-early reading through to senior English writing and extension, our English programme will help your child with whichever area they may be struggling in at school. The Kip McGrath programmes combine computer and written work to enhance phonics, phonemics, reading, grammar, spelling, writing and comprehension skills.

Our Afrikaans programme is designed to help students who have started Afrikaans for the very first time, right through to those who are striving for a Matric distinction. It is personalised to suit each student’s needs and develops their skills to a point that they are confident and successful at school.


There are some instances where we group grade- and subject-specific children together for a focused weekly lesson. In particular we have Grade 11 and Matric Math classes that are longer than the usual Kip McGrath lesson (i.e. 2 hours instead of the usual 80 minutes) and spend time on past exam papers and exam preparation in addition to the on-going current work and gap-filling from previous years.


This 10-lesson course equips your child with the skills necessary to perform well in exams. It is a comprehensive program and features video clips, student workbooks and focuses on where, when and how to study most effectively, based on their own learning style. Strategies and techniques to remember information, an understanding of goal setting and time management, and the fundamentals of effective note taking will help them achieve their full potential are also covered.